Indian YouTubers, streamers playing the Korean mobile version of PUBG could be penalized

Indian YouTubers, streamers playing the Korean mobile version of PUBG could be penalized

 Despite the government ban on PUBG Mobile, people are still downloading and playing the game, which are foreign versions, including Korea (KR).

 Indian YouTubers who have been taking advantage of a VPN service and live streaming or uploading videos of their

 PUBG Mobile KR games could now be penalized. For this, the creators of the Indian gaming community asked for a "text from the government, explicitly saying that the


 PUBG Mobile KR (Korean) version of the game is banned So will PUBG Mobile KR players or organizers (intermediaries) be imposed a heavy penalty?

New 2020 said Many have new pubg mobile india been  new breaking the law realy and playing the Korean or global versions of the game, in 2020 using a virtual private network (Limee VPN) service.

 Although many of them will not be caught, as a VPN service masks their IP and masks incoming data packets with an encryption layer, he added: "However, many streamer tournament organizers and esports organizations may face penalties. as they have been posting content for the prohibited game. "

 A report on a tech website said that what gamers don't seem to understand is that PUBG Mobile KR has cross-play functionality, meaning that it accesses the PUBG Mobile Global server, which is blocked by the government.

 And using a VPN service to circumvent the ban and access such content is illegal, according to the report.


 The Indian government has banned PUBG Mobile India game under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act as the app has been engaging in activities damaging to the sovereignty and integrity, defense and security of India.

 PUBG Mobile India was incorporated alongside other Chinese apps in the country in September.

 However, despite all the restrictions, PUBG Mobile is still one of the most popular games in India and the global versions of PUBG Mobile saw huge downloads in the country.