PUBG MOBILE Indian Version Official Release Date For December 2020

PUBG MOBILE Indian Version Official Release Date November 20, 2020 Download APK

The marketing campaign of the Indian version of PUBG Mobile could start on Friday With the announcement of the return of PUBG Mobile India, through a teaser on November 14, 2020, the excitement of all sectors has multiplied by ten.

PUBG Mobile India has been successful in creating quite a buzz around the return of the title. but nevertheless

Various influencers and content creators have said that the game has been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.

According to a report by leading technology publication Tech Crunch,

the marketing campaign for PUBG Mobile India could start tomorrow i.e Nov 20, 2020

Is PUBG available in India?

PUBG Corporation, was preparing to launch PUBG Mobile India, a game that was created to meet the needs of the Indian market.The company also hopes to establish an Indian subsidiary to improve communication with players.

The company is looking to hire about 100 employees, specializing in commercial esports and game development.

They also hope to establish a corporate office space in India to handle day-to-day operations and actively collaborate with local businesses to strengthen their hold in the huge country.

When will pubg arrive in india?

The South Korean company also announced that it had kept the safety of user data as its top priority, which was the reason the game was banned in the first place.

The company also announced that it would carry out periodic controls and audits to ensure the security of user data, through the use of the Microsoft Azure cloud computing service. With all this buzz in the market regarding PUBG Mobile, it would be interesting. to see what news and announcements tomorrow's dawn brings.

Gamers and fans have been waiting for the return of games with their fingers crossed for the past 3 months, which now seems like forever.

When was PUBG launched in India?

This marketing campaign could include further promotions and announcements regarding the launch of the game, although PUBG Mobile India's official social media identifiers have made no such announcement.

According to many industry professionals, while KRAFTON has addressed initial government concerns regarding data security and integrity, that might not be enough.

One reason behind the claim is that no other apps that have previously been banned by the government have returned to the App Store or Play Store.

Previously, according to a detailed press release from KRAFTON, it announced that its subsidiary,